What is Sponsor Beats?

When a person do sports, and according to certain effort, he/she will be obtaining money to be spend in whatever product they will be interested on. Join us and be part of future Sport Sponsorship.

Any Brand can sponsor any athlete

The idea is that any brand will enroll in our Sponsor program since rookie to High Performance athletes

Donations go directly to athletes

The athletes will be directly benefited from the sponsorship programs with the possibility to redeem the donation in your own brand products.

Social Media and Influencers

If somebody is doing exercise around the world, this persons can share on Social Media the amount of the donations received through Sponsor Beats.

App & iOS

Our App run on GPS watches and phones

Monetize your health

With Sponsor Beats you can transform your exercises into money.

Reliable Results

Sponsor Beats benefit athletes, sports and brands.






Donations received



Sponsor Beats for all sports

Sponsor Beats want to transform the sports sponsorship model. Instead of reaching single or specific organizations and/or high performance athletes, you will be able to reach every single individual around the world