Next Generation of Sponsorship

You will Lead the next Sponsorship generation reaching not Only a very limited number of athletes but all kind of athletes and you will beneficed of the have a positive impact in every single individual.


Don’t worry about what sport/discipline you want to sponsor, because the people is the key with SponsorBeats.

Two ways benefit

The donations will urge the people to do Sports and also will create a fidelity link with the Brand making possible that the athletes could redeem the donations received in your Brand’s products.


SponsorBeats’ community was created on early 2016
and since then, more people and companies collaborate with us in what we consider the next Sponsorship generation that connect every single athlete with at least one sponsor company.

Number of Athletes enrolled in SponsorBeats
Number of Companies collaborating with SponsorBeats

Elite 20%
Semi Pro 45%
Amateur 25%
Rookies 20%

We had created four different categories in order to assign resources according to the effort done by the athlete. Starting from the Rookie, the athletes can be progressing and automatically they will be upgraded to the next category where the benefits will be better to him/her.

Also, they could share their progress in the Social network of their preference.