What is Sponsor Beats?

Sponsor Beats is a project that was born with an idea, to encourage people to do sports and obtain a tangible benefit beyond the health condition itself.

Our Mission.

We want to increase the number of people that do sports worldwide.

We arethe future.

How it works?

When a person do sports, and according to certain effort, he/she will be obtaining virtual money to be spend in whatever product they will be interested on.

The user will be free to use any kind of 3rd party vendor App to collect their activity data (running, cycling, swimming, etc.), then we collect that information and we transform the effort data into a virtual cash back that will be available in the individual’s Sponsor Beat account enrolled in our program.

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We are ready to launch Sponsor Beats

Where that virtual money will come from?

The idea is that any brand or company will enroll in our Sponsor program with the following benefits:

o The athletes will be directly benefited from the sponsorship programs with the possibility to redeem the donation in your own brand products.

o You will diversify the sponsorship options.